How to create smart links ?

log in with your credentials /Zid/Salla/Shopify Accounts and then:

1) click on store

2) on the left hand side choose short links.

3) click on create new short link.

smart link

4) fill in the following fields:

- Enter the name of the campaign, i.e. influencer, tik tok campaign.

  • Enter the slug which is the last part of the URL address that serves as a unique identifier of the page (optional), it will be automatically generated if not entered.

  • Enter Tag and media source ( both optional and used for filtration and reporting only )

create new short link (info)

-Insert the link you want to shorten in the desktop redirection destination and you can use the same link to fill in IOS and android redirection destination. If you want to have different destinations for iOS and Android, use different links for both.

  • you can also use the Action selector next to the redirection destination field to redirect the customer to whatsapp for example or facebook messenger and other methods that customers can use to reach out to you.

  • You can also fill in the UTM parameters and choose whichever platform you want or not as its optional.

create new short link (Configuration)

  • You can enable all platforms on the retargeting page or choose a few.

create new short link (retargeting)

  • The last page contains a title ( which is the word that is going to appear on the top when you send the link to someone.)

  • fill in the description for the link ( Meta data)

  • upload Image 512px*512px.

And last but not least click on submit and now your short link is ready to use.

create new short link (Publish)

Enable pixel tracking:

log in with your credentials /Zid/Salla/Shopify Accounts and then:

1) click on store

2) on the left hand side choose short links.

3) click on create a new short link.

4) fill in the fields.

5) In the last page (publish) you can enable the buttons for pixel tracking.

Enable pixel tracking

Get FB pixel, Tiktok pixel:

You can then start creating your pixel by clicking on 'Event' in the 'Assets' section.

Click on 'Website Pixel' and 'Manage'.

  1. Create a pixel: Name your pixel and get the pixel code.

  2. Install pixel: Select add manually. We now support the TikTok Pixel so you no longer need to go through Google Tag Manager.

  3. Select Standard Mode (recommended)

  4. Set your Event rules.

  5. Then go into your Events Manager and copy the Pixel ID.

How to find your existing pixel code:

  1. ​Click on 'Event' under Assets.

  2. ​Click on 'Manage' under Website Pixel.

  3. ​Click on the pixel to enter the pixel details page.

​4. Scroll down and click on 'Install Pixel Code'.

  1. ​Click on 'Manually Install Pixel Code' to access your pixel code.

see the reports:

You can check from the dashboard homepage the type of device used to open all the short links in total and total hits for all the short links. You can also click on short links on the left hand side to check specifically the number of hits for each and every short link.