Now, it’s time to know how you should configure your Project from the ** Settings** screen, you can click on your previously created project and then go to the Settings, you should see the following page:

project settings

Let us introduce each Section to you

  • Store Info

Field Name Description Required Accepted Values
Store Name Name of your project Yes up to 30 characters is allowed
Subdomain Project Subdomain that its attached your Short Links , its taken from your shopify store config
Custom Domain Your Project Domain , i.e. , its used with ShortLinks , its needed if you want to your ShortLinks to get indexed by Google search Yes The value must not include any of these keywords ["app", "prod", "stg", "www", "blog","notify","parse","appbackend", "appboost", "api", "demo", "marketing", "sales","servers", "fw", "do", "srv", "kong", "dashboard","reports","appboost", "m", "hack"]

  • API Key

Field Name Description Editable ?
Store ID The unique string that identifies your project No
Api Key It is a unique string that authenticates the source of the API No

  • ** Integrations **

Field Name Description Accepted Values
Google Analytics ID Your Google analytics ID, it is used for logging user sessions for ShortLinks UA- xxxxxxxx-x example: UA-74855128-4
Hotjar ID The code snippet that lets Hotjar track your user's behavior on your website
Stripe Publishable Key Secret and publishable keys that are used to identify your stripe account
Facebook Pixel Tracking ID Facebook Pixel Tracking ID of your project
Twitter Pixel Tracking ID Twitter Pixel Tracking ID of your project
Google Ads Pixel Tracking ID Google Ads Pixel Tracking ID of your project
Snapchat Pixel Tracking ID Snapchat Pixel Tracking ID of your project
LinkedIn Pixel Tracking ID LinkedIn Pixel Tracking ID of your project


Field Name Description Required Example
Subscription Plan The project plan you choose for your project No Pro
Subscription Start date The date when you first paid for your subscription No 5th April 2020, 2:52:49 pm
Subscription Next Renewal Date The date when your renewal is due No 5th April 2021, 2:52:49 pm
Subscription status Your subscription status No trialing