What is a Short Links?

All -in one shortener that is trusted by savvy marketers with build in Link Retargeting


  • Link Re-targeting : Adding pixels to your customized links makes it perfect targeted ad.
  • Cross Platform : Works on PC & mobile .
  • Customizable for better CTR : weather you want to use custom sub domain (YourName.shrinkit.me) to domain branding (Yourname.com) .
  • User flow routing : Route user to destination depends on his device platform.
  • Contextual routing : Any routing action can be defined either per platform(ios, android , desktop).
  • Detailed Analytics :
    • hits PER platform
    • hits growth over time , per day, per hour , per month
    • hits per country
    • hits per browser
    • refers : from the site the leads to this link
  • Social Media Preview :
  • preview its content on social media share , for better CTR
  • customizable social media appearance.
  • Easy Online Editor : easy to use UI to create the links and define its primary and fallback actions per platform.
  • Robust Rest API : link creation automation with SDK integration or Rest API
  • URL Shortener format : http://shrnk.me/slug

Create Short Links