Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications are automated direct engaging tool that connect your app website or Short Links with your target customers. It has its own instant mode and outputted to users as a clickable notification or a web browser permission window. What makes web push notifications so special is that you still can get your subscription boosted, yet don’t have to collect users’ contacting data.


  • Delivery Scheduling: schedule it and forget it , Automatically send relevant notifications to users. with many options like
    • Immediate
    • one time later
    • recurrent : hourly , daily , monthly , weekly
  • Emoji support : better engage your users and give live to your pushes
  • append URLs to your push to do :

    • open any URL
    • open Short Links
  • Bulk Campaigns or O2O : Get the whole picture of your marketing campaigns’ efficiency with comprehensive statistics.

  • Robust Rest API : automate campaigns and one 2 one notifications with integration with your system via our Rest API

  • No Code Installation : at Shopify , Salla.sa websites and Shrinkit MicroPages.
  • Flexible : even if you do not have a website , get web push subscribers , thanks to default integration with Short Links
  • Browsers Support : Chrome ,Safari and FireFox.
  • Platforms : Desktop , Android