Steps to create a new project

  • Sign up if you do not have an account, if you already have an account,login by using your email and password, then you’ll be directed to your dashboard Homepage.

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  • Click on “Add Project”

Add New Project

  • pop up will appear so you can Select Your Plan As Shown and Click Next

Select your Plan

  • Create Your New Project

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You can see the selected plan and its total price at the right side of the pop up.

  • Enter your project data

Field Name Description Required Accepted Values
Project Name Name of your project Yes up to 30 characters is allowed
Subdomain Project Subdomain that its attached your
projects smart Deep Links and Mobile
Landing Pages , in form
Yes up to 10 characters is allowed
Coupon Code if you have Valid Coupon you Can use it
While Creating the new project
No valid coupon

  • The last step in this page is to choose whether to buy or try the plan.

If you try the product , you will have a 14-30 days to use all the products provided by the pre chosen plan, before the trial period expires , you will be asked through emails to renew your plan subscription by entering your credit card information, and if you did not enter you credit card information or there is a payment failure for 3 times , you will got email notification 3 days before the system deletes your project.

  • if you have a coupon code you have to enter it in step 5 else If you want to buy a subscription, and your credit card was not used in our platform before , then you’ll have to enter your credit card information in the following page and click submit.

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All of credit cards are stored and managed by our payment provider

Or you can add your credit card information in the dashboard before creating a project by clicking on your username at the top of the dashboard , From the slider click on “Payment Methods”.

Here you can enter your credit card information.

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  • After Previous Steps done successfully you’ll be directed to the project welcome page which will appear only for one time.

Get Started

You have successfully created your first project on Shrinkit dashboard

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